Purebread in Vancouver — The Only Bakery You Need to Visit

When you visit the same bakery three times in four days, you know it’s a thing of beauty. It’s worth the embarrassment when the person behind the counter says, “Weren’t you here yesterday?”

As with any major city in North America, there will be dozens of quality bakers from the local legends that have been there for decades to the up-and-comers.

When Purebread came up in my search to get my breakfast pastry, the website photography was so beautiful that I need to head right there on my first morning.

I asked the staff what they known for, which they explained that while they have popular items like the carrot cake and almond cookies, they switch up their selection every day to keep people interested and bakers inspired.

As you can tell with the spread, they have anything with any flavor — scones, croissants, muffins, tarts. For the late-afternoon tea nosh or save for later dessert — cakes, pies, cookies, brownies. Then whole loafs for you weekly carb intake.

The chocolate cake was amazing, the apple pie was amazing, the carrot cake was surreal, the scones were magical. I can go on.

It almost made me sad that I didn’t have enough time to go on my last morning before my flight.

There’s one large location in the centrally located Gastown Vancouver and two in the original location in Whistler.

Vancouver Has the Meats, Especially at Siegel’s Bagels

After a cross-continent flight, a frustrating journey to my AirBnB and discovering that Vancouver doesn’t have Uber or Lyft, I needed some late eats in meat form.

One of the most coveted food items that Canada does well beyond poutine is smoked meats. We’re talking pastrami and corned beef. Montreal is the epicenter of the Jewish deli meats, but you can find a quality eatery in all parts of country.

To kick off my stay in Vancouver, I made it to Siegel’s Bagels, the 24-hour destination for amazing Jewish meats and breads. The open all night location is in the Kits Points section on the south island, south of downtown. Tucked in an unassuming strip mall, it’s a place that locals go pre- and post-night out drinking.

Starting with the bagels, the Montreal-style is smaller than it’s American-counterpart and a bit denser. As you can see with the posts before, you have basic flavors along with my more flavorful varieties.

For your filling, you can go no thrills with cream cheese and lox, which I was debating getting one to go. Or, go for the meats, pastrami, salami, turkey, etc. Smear it with some spicy mustard, pickle and cole slaw and ohhhhhhhh baby. As the locals say, “Oh yah, that’s ahhh good.”

For dessert, you got a rainbow of rugelach that with only set you back a dollar. I went with the cinnamon and chocolate.

While the joint is rather small and later on in the night, the tables do get packed and messy, it’s a little slice of heaven. If it just gets crowded take it outside and sit on the sidewalk. Rough it a little.


BrewDog Columbus Poised to be America’s Premiere Craft Beer Destination

Finally, my last post on my epic, career-defining beercation road trip. I end it the state capital that is synonymous with good times …. Columbus?

To back up, BrewDog is one of the reason I’m a craft beer fan. When I visited Edinburgh in 2012, my first night I visited one of their first bars and instantly fell in love with their punk rock attitude towards beer culture. Above anything, above their philosophy and design aesthetic, they make some of the best beer in Europe. Since then, every time I’m near one of their pubs I have to stop in to see if there’s something I haven’t had.

Now they are setting themselves up to take over America. Previously, you had to search specialty bottle shops to find their imported goods. Last year, they completely their first American production facility and tap room in Columbus, OH.

Welll, it’s not EXACTLY in Columbus. It’s just outside of the city in Canal Winchester. You pass a few large strip malls on the way there. It was about 20 minutes from the center of the Columbus.

When I did there, the ground had just broken of the BrewDog Hotel, which will feature a beer fridge in the shower.

More importantly, the beer brewed there was being served. In the past couple of months, the beer is being distributed outside of Ohio.

Which is why the BrewDog crew settled in that area … central location in America, and probably some tax breaks from the state.

The BrewDog Columbus tap room is the largest one I’ve been to. It has a full-service restaurant, game room, meeting center and merch shop. I threw down some coins on the Star Wars pinball game. Anytime I can drink some craft beer and pinball is alright by me.

The place feels like a wonderland of everything good about craft beer, good food and having a laugh. Case in point, you buy a $5 beer for the chefs and they will cheer in return. I did not, but somebody else did. You then hear a big holler from the kitchen. Not sure it was worth $5, but anything to lift their spirits.

As for the beer, four of the flagships are being brewed in the USA. Only Punk IPA was available to go in cans, but since then, all is available where ever craft beer is sold.

Here’s what I had:

  • Punk IPA
  • Jet Black Heart Sout
  • Elvis Juice IPA
  • Hazy Jane IPA
  • Hop Fiction Pale Ale
  • Dead Pony Club
  • Cocoa Psycho

The BrewDog Columbus also serves guest taps as well. Depending on when you go, they might import in a few special releases from their Scotland facility.

This is a new beer mecca in USA, alongside Hill Farmstead, all of Portland, Russian River, Stone, Sierra Nevada, etc. Once the hotel is built, the place will surpass any other brewery operation.

Cincinnati’s MadTree Brewing Offers Crazy Beers in a Chill Setting

Unfortunately, there is no WKRP in Cincinnati museum, landmark or point of interest in Ohio’s second city (or third or fourth depending on who you asked). So if you found your Cincinnati-style chili, then beer is always a good alternative.

Rhinegeist Brewery was going to be my destination because I’ve heard of them, but a few of my beer travelers I met along the way that I was mad to not visit MadTree. Thus, I made it my second stop while passing through.

My first impression was that the place was huuuuuuuuuge. I didn’t even go outside. When I did, I was like, dammmmmnnnn, you people got space. So you won’t have trouble finding a place to enjoy your beer.

The five-year old brewery is quickly just as popular as Cleveland’s Great Lakes or Akron’s Hoppin’ Frog as the go-to beer for locals. MadTree has amazing array of beer selections.

That’s why I had to get two flights and a couple of six-packs to go to be all in of MadTree.

Even though they had a full food menu, I stuck to the beer:

  • Axis Mundi Russian Imperial Stout
  • Basic Batch Golden Belgian Blonde
  • Shade Gose
  • Happy Amber Red Ale
  • Cuppa Coffee English Mild
  • I’m On An Oat!!! Oatmeal Stout
  • PSA (Proper Session Ale)
  • Lift Kolsch

Skyline Chili Started the Cincinnati Chili Style … Is Not For Everyone

Between Louisville and Columbus is Ohio’s second city, Cincinnati. Besides WKRP, the Bengals and the Reds, the modestly-sized city most-famous offering to the world is their chili … which you serve on spaghetti. Ummmm, yum?

This begs the question, does chili cease to be chili when it’s served on pasta? I say no, it becomes a meat sauce. Put it on a hot dog, fine. In a bowl. Yup. I’ll even take it over rice. Pasta is a foreign object for chili connoisseurs.

Nevertheless, the place to get the local delicacy is Skyline Chili. The diner chain was founded in 1949 by Greek immigrants. Their recipe for chili is a kept secret for it’s herbs and spices. Most recipes have you using chocolate or chocolate ice cream. Yup.

Unlike a hearty, meaty Texas chili, their version is a bit more watery and thin. The flavor is there, but it’s not a sweat-inducing heat.

If you’re like me, and you don’t want a full on heart attack by getting a full plate, you get a side portion where they top it with a handful of finely shredded cheddar cheese.  For more traditionalists, you can get it “Coney style” on top of a hot dog with onion and cheese. Or, just get a cup of it with crackers.

Total bill for ice tea, small pasta and hot dog — $8. A perfectly reasonable amount to fulfill a curiosity.

The original location is no longer around, so there’s 100+ locations in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Florida. You can also get in cans on websites that sell canned chili.

There are plenty of other places in town that probably serve better chili, so you can have a whole chili tour of the city. Just stay away from me when you do because who knows what that does to your digestive system.

The Other Brewery to Visit in Louisville — Monnik

It tends to happen to me, I drink one more alcoholic beverage because I don’t want to miss out on something wonderful. I end up paying for it the next day.

Since Louisville is the epicenter of all things bourbon, you tend to want to try them all — within reason. I felt I had my full but the bartender at Haymarket told me he knows the guys at Monnik and that if I headed over there, they would make sure to stay open and not close early.

A Lyft took me over to the Schnitzelburg neighborhood, the center of the city’s German population, for Monnik Brewery. Indeed, they kept the lights on for me as only two other people were in the place on a Tuesday night an hour before closing.

The space itself has an industrial chic look with lots of wood countertops, Edison lightbulbs and open windows, which is key in the Kentucky summers.

While the food menu looked mighty tasty — heavy on the local meats — I just want to do my flight. What they are known for are War Fries, served with peanut sauce, mayo and onion. It’s a Dutch specialty that I had in Amsterdam that I wish not to repeat.

Here’s what I had:

  • Spacecataz Wyld Saison
  • Oude Specht Saison
  • Spacecataz Bière de Garde
  • IPA
  • Hauck’s American Pilsner


The Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville is the Greatest Museum of All Time (G.M.A.T.)

This past weekend was the “Greatest Two Minutes in All of Sports” played out in Louisville. The other 364 days of the years in the city, you should visit a museum dedicated to The Greatest.

I love going to museums — big, small, history, art, science, halls of fame. The Muhammad Ali Center ranks up there to museums dedicated to one person — up there with the Picasso Museum in Barcelona or Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

The best athlete in the history of sports deserves a museum worthy of his grandeur.  It works as a sports museum that chronicles his achievements in boxing. It works as a history museums for civil rights in the 60s.  Pull that together and you see why Ali means so much to modern history. He’s a man who shaped the world and a world that shaped him.

What I love above the museum is how it’s laid out where you go through time with Ali, from what Louisville was like when he was born in 1942 to specific points in the Civil Right movement. The first bit of trivia I learned — he was encouraged to learn boxing when his bike was stolen and the local policeman encouraged him to fight back against the bullies in the neighborhood.

The Ali Center is fairly modern, so there are plenty of multi-media installations that go beyond the boxing world. If anything, the museum focuses more of Ali’s influence in history over his sports accolades. It’s museum for all people even if you don’t care about boxing.

I wasn’t planning on staying for two plus hours, but I found myself watching the whole “Rumble in the Jungle” and “Thrilla in Manilla” fights. There’s a portion of the museum where you can look down onto a boxing ring and see projections of interviews and fights. Even better, Samuel L. Jackson narrates a few videos along the way without cursing.

Toward the end, the museum focuses on his humanitarian efforts when he was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. At the end, there a few painting by artists inspired by the GOAT.

Plan for two to three hours at the museum, which has something for everyone.