In London for Philadelphia Eagles v. Jacksonville Jaguars

One minute you’re stuck in 30-minute backup on the Cross Bronx Expressway, the next your in a post-Brexit, pre-NFL game day London.

After a three-year absence, I’m back on the other side for relative short trip. The main purpose of this journey is to see my beloved Super Bowl-champion Eagles play their first London game. They play against the London Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars.

Three years ago, I wrote about trying to gauge the popularity of the games here. Yes, they do sell out instanly. I was online at Ticketmaster UK at 5am they day went on sale. Since it’s just me, I’m basically a seat filler in the 200 level. At 170 pounds, it’s a steep price to fill a sit between whoever.

On the flight over from JFK, I counted five Eagles fans and one Jags fan. While out of Philadelphia, they are numerous charter flights filled with fans going over for the game.

I cruised some message boards, where fans are posting meet-ups at pubs and asking what there is to do in London. Yeah, I’m not hanging with these people until game day Sunday.

There are many things I’m curious about, mainly who’s going to these games — the mix between Americans, Londoners, etc. I’ve been during games and the only time you see any sort pomp are the banners on Regent St. or the occasional tube advert. The free papers you get on the tube won’t mention in the sports section. This is a Premiere League town through and through.

They’ll be a bunch of activities for fans at Wembly Stadium, feauting, I kid you not, “American food”. Philly cheese steaks? Yeah, I’ll pass.

Since I’ve been to my share of Eagles game, I’m curious about the enthusiasm during the game or if the “boo birds” come out when they are down. This is 3-4 team coming off a historic Super Bowl run with their returning QB, Carson Wentz, who looks a bit like Prince Harry.

That’s damn scary. Have London embrace the Ginger Jesus over the Ginger Prince. Nope.

Full report to come.

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