Take a Ferry from Vancouver to Grouse Mountain to Visit Grinder and Coola

Who doesn’t love to take three modes of transportation to see bears in their “natural habitat”?

For a quick trek into nature where you don’t need to break a sweat or get dirty, you can always trek to Grouse Mountain. Located north of Vancouver, it offers spectacular views of the mountains and downtown Vancouver … so I’ve been told. Look at this view!

Yeah, it rained with heavy fog. Good times, huh?

In any event, I suggest you take a leisure and inexpensive route to Grouse. From downtown, you can take the Seabus and soak in the harbor view. Then, a free shuttle will take you directly. From there, you pick up your ticket and head up the sky gondola where you can complain about your ears popping and try to imagine what the view would look like without all the fog.

At the top of the mountain is a sky lodge facility with a small museum, food court, movie theater that explains how the bears were raised and shops.

In appropriate weather you can hike along the trails, ride a zip line or walk across a rope bridge. I was just there for some fresh mountain air and to see Grinder and Coola from a safe distance. Plan for about an hour on the mountain if you’re just curious and want a nice relaxing view.

The bears looked rather chill and well-cared for.

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