Vancouver is an Asian Food Paradise, Here are the Three I Ate At

When you read up on the vast array of Asian restaurants, it won’t prepare you for how many options you have. We’re not talking your simple cheap Chinese take-outs, sushi bars or even ramen joints. There are region specific from every corner of the Asian continent — Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Burma and the Middle East.

What’s a first time traveler to do? A simple Google search of “Best Asian Restaurant Vancouver” is pointless. My approach was to search while in the city depending on what I felt like at the time, while finding a place that would be unique and well-respected.

I’m all about dumplings. While I was done exploring Stanley Park, I did a cursory search for nearby dumpling houses that I can load up on the juicy, doughy morsels of goodness.

The result was Dinesty Dumpling House on Robson St., a small chain in Victoria that’s known for their soup dumplings, noodles and dim sum specialties. The foods comes out fast thankfully, because you want to get those bad boys in your stomach. Get those dumplings, some pork buns and a rice dish for a reasonably priced lunch.

For dinner, I read good things about Guu Original on Thurlow. It’s part of the Guu Empire that includes Guu with Garlic, Guu with Otokomae, Guu Garden, Guu Kobachi and Guu Izakaya in Toronto. There are so many Guu names that they are missing out on.

The O.G. Guu is about the size of my one bedroom apartment, which makes it THAT much more authentic to the Izakayas in Japan. To make it more in the Izakaya aesthetic, the staff are frantic making food, but completely friendly to the point where you’re laughing.

As for the food, the menu changes often so you’re up for a surprise. I had some sort of peanut encrusted chicken, seasonal pickles and spicy soba noodles. Better yet, Guu has their own beer, Guuud! Ale.

When you leave make sure you say goodbye to everyone like this:

Finally, for a little snack action, you can’t go wrong with JapaDog. There use to be a location in the NYC, but like trendy things, it fell out of fashion. Although, the Los Angeles location is still around.

Simply but, it’s just weird Japanese hot dogs, mostly with a lot seaweed, kimchi and miso. Check the menu and you will get the idea. “The popular hotdog that was listed as “one of the must eat items in the world”. The juicy kurobuta sausage elevates the flavours of the terimayo sauce.”

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