Vancouver Has the Meats, Especially at Siegel’s Bagels

After a cross-continent flight, a frustrating journey to my AirBnB and discovering that Vancouver doesn’t have Uber or Lyft, I needed some late eats in meat form.

One of the most coveted food items that Canada does well beyond poutine is smoked meats. We’re talking pastrami and corned beef. Montreal is the epicenter of the Jewish deli meats, but you can find a quality eatery in all parts of country.

To kick off my stay in Vancouver, I made it to Siegel’s Bagels, the 24-hour destination for amazing Jewish meats and breads. The open all night location is in the Kits Points section on the south island, south of downtown. Tucked in an unassuming strip mall, it’s a place that locals go pre- and post-night out drinking.

Starting with the bagels, the Montreal-style is smaller than it’s American-counterpart and a bit denser. As you can see with the posts before, you have basic flavors along with my more flavorful varieties.

For your filling, you can go no thrills with cream cheese and lox, which I was debating getting one to go. Or, go for the meats, pastrami, salami, turkey, etc. Smear it with some spicy mustard, pickle and cole slaw and ohhhhhhhh baby. As the locals say, “Oh yah, that’s ahhh good.”

For dessert, you got a rainbow of rugelach that with only set you back a dollar. I went with the cinnamon and chocolate.

While the joint is rather small and later on in the night, the tables do get packed and messy, it’s a little slice of heaven. If it just gets crowded take it outside and sit on the sidewalk. Rough it a little.


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