The Other Brewery to Visit in Louisville — Monnik

It tends to happen to me, I drink one more alcoholic beverage because I don’t want to miss out on something wonderful. I end up paying for it the next day.

Since Louisville is the epicenter of all things bourbon, you tend to want to try them all — within reason. I felt I had my full but the bartender at Haymarket told me he knows the guys at Monnik and that if I headed over there, they would make sure to stay open and not close early.

A Lyft took me over to the Schnitzelburg neighborhood, the center of the city’s German population, for Monnik Brewery. Indeed, they kept the lights on for me as only two other people were in the place on a Tuesday night an hour before closing.

The space itself has an industrial chic look with lots of wood countertops, Edison lightbulbs and open windows, which is key in the Kentucky summers.

While the food menu looked mighty tasty — heavy on the local meats — I just want to do my flight. What they are known for are War Fries, served with peanut sauce, mayo and onion. It’s a Dutch specialty that I had in Amsterdam that I wish not to repeat.

Here’s what I had:

  • Spacecataz Wyld Saison
  • Oude Specht Saison
  • Spacecataz Bière de Garde
  • IPA
  • Hauck’s American Pilsner


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