Haymarket in Louisville Might Be the Best Whisky Bar in America, But Is Surrounded By Controversy

Since I visited the whisky wonderland Haymarket in Louisville last July, the bar and the owner has garnered it’s share of nasty headlines. All came to head in November when the bar closed after rape allegation surfaced against the owner causing the staff to quit.

In March, a lawsuit was filed against Haymarket’s owner that detailed gruesome details of fetishistic sex gone wrong. Other former employees have accused the owner of misconduct. The owner denies the allegations, and still has time to comment on positive Yelp reviews.

I admit, this place was cool beyond belief. Not only was the whisky list the most impressive I’ve ever seen, the dive bar aesthetics amused me to now end. You can’t go wrong with vintage bottles, Spy Hunter video games, bobbleheads and all sorts of vintage kitsch filling every square inch of the walls.

The bartender guided me through their selections, when I told him that I was only in Louisville for the night, and I wanted to drink something I couldn’t get back in the Northwest. He lined up a flight of six and away I went. Let’s just say it was a rough morning.

The bar remains open as of now, which begs the question, do you go?

There’s not a right answer, but for me, I would find another bar if I found myself back in Louisville. I would feel uncomfortable if I saw the owner in the bar, knowing that he’s a bit of freak. Every corner in the city has a great whisky bar that has local and hard to find selections. If the owner sells the bar and the appeal remains, then I would recommend a visit.



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