Sergio’s World Beers is a Bizarre Beer Bar in Louisville

One of the unknown gems of Louisville is a beer bar that’s tailor made for beer geeks and lovers of weird dive bars. Sergio’s World Beers is, like it’s name, a world of beer — meaning beers from international areas like Germany, Italy, Japan and Florida.

I’m not going to do the place justice, but imagine a bar inside the cooler section of your local beer store. Unlike a liquor store with selves upon shelves of craft beer, you walk around tight corridors of glass refrigerators. All the beers are individually priced so you can enjoy there or make a six pack. For the most part, the beer is organized by country and in the United States, it’s by region.

I love variety in beer, but damn I didn’t know what to do with myself with all the unique selections. I could easily threw down $300 for beers to go.

Instead, I went to the bar and got a few drafts. Sergio did come over to me to talk beer, and then explain that it’s best to start a tab and pay at the end in cash. No credit cards in this joint.

In the back, there are old school diner booths and a menu of eats. No artisanal foods or meat and cheese plats, just fried food, sandwiches, pizzas, Mexican and sausages.

Walking around the place, and it is compact space, I was overwhelmed by variety. It’s like going to an antique books store where you want to pick up all the books and read them there. Here, you want to try everything.

Alas, I didn’t. Here’s what I had:

  • Lurcher Stout by Green Jack Brewing Company
  • Cocoa Loco by Arcadia Brewing Company
  • Peanut Butter Milk Stout by TailGate Brewery

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