A Coffee Shop, A Beer Bar and A Liquor Store to Visit in Nashville

Let’s round out my Nashville visit with some odds and ends. All three of these places I’ve deemed worth of a visit.

While Barista Parlor will be your go-to breakfast and late-afternoon pick-me-up destination for coffee and a pastry, an alternate shop to consider based on your location is Steadfast Coffee. The clientele is distinctively Nashville (or any upscale gentrified shop frequented by people in fun hats), the aesthetic is different.

Borrowing from minimalist Danish design, the second floor shop in the Germantown section makes its bones (or brews in the case) with a variety of coffee drinks. With my welcoming smile, I told my barista how much I enjoyed single origin coffees. As a result, she offered me a free serving of their single-origin coffee soda. Not what I’m into at 8am, but I went for it.

The place does off a full breakfast, but I went for a pastry. I spent my time there staring at the lightbulbs and overhead lighting.

It’s highly recommended that you take some beans home.

For the beer travelers who are out late after the local breweries are closed, head over to just westside of downtown to Hops & Crafts. Located in an unassuming blocks of businesses (think of an upscale strip mall), the bare bones bar has a who’s who of Tennessee craft beer. You have Honky Tonk, Bearded Iris, Smith & Lentz and Czann represented.

No food in the place, so you can just focus on the well-balance selection of styles — not all IPAs or pale ales. Afterwards, you can catch a gig at the legendary Station Inn across the street.

Say who want to load up your road-trippin car with some local brews that you can’t get back home. I headed over to CorkDorks. Yup, I love the name, too. You can grab your six-packs, but cruise the single bottle section to make your own six-packs. That’s the way to go so you can try every one of Tennessee’s craft breweries.


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