The Hatch Show Print is a Must-Tour for Design Fans

If you like looking at vintage advertisements or just appreciate a well-put together poster, then Hatch Show Print should be in your itinerary for Nashville. It’s current location in the Country Music Hall of Fame building gives the 100+ year old print show a higher profile and easy add-on to your CMHF ticket.

Even if you never heard of Hatch Show Print you recognize the style — block letters, simple bold colors and a portrait image or graphic. Every country music star has commissioned a poster from the shop. More important, they do any genre of music, but they are not beholden to music. They do events, conventions, business ads and television adverts.

Here is where you should pre-book online if you 100% want to visit — and you should. The tour groups are small (around 20 per tour) and are run three times a day. The CMHF site will off combo tickets so you visit the hall and time it so you can mosey on over to the hall. The shop, the hall, the gift shop, clothing store and restaurants are connected in the building via a central hall.

What makes the print shop unique is they still use the same techniques as when they were founded. While they use computers to plan out the design and show clients, the printing is done the old fashion ways. During the tour, you’ll see the turn of the century machinery used to hand crank each poster and the wood blocks and metals used to make the type.

After you see the process, you’ll go in the backroom to get a bit of history, see some of their archives and roll out a print yourself. Me being a geek, I asked two questions — what paper stock is available and if  a client screwed up and misspelled their show — yup, so ask and they’ll point it out on the wall.

While the shop has printed 100,000 events, they don’t reprint or reuse designs. Keep that in mind at the gift shop where do sell excess concert prints. If you do buy that unique concert poster, frame it because they are not many like it. They do have generic posters that they mass produce or place on t-shirts that say “Nashville Rocks” or “Drink More Coffee”. Yup, I bought the “Drink More Coffee” poster. Anything you can put a design on they have —  stickers, stationary, postcards.



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