Wiseacre Brewing in Memphis is Where You Should Buy Cases of Everything

My day-trip to Memphis from Nashville concluded at a brewery … of course.

I actually hadn’t planned to do any breweries after Graceland, since it’s a 3 1/2 drive back and wanted to beat rush hour. When I was told by a few people in Nashville that I was driving to Memphis, more than a few said, “You really should go to Wiseacre.” Advice taken, and executed.

Wiseacrew Brewing is located 20 minutes from Graceland, it’s a straight shot up on Rt. 69 and eastbound on North Parkway. You’ll pass the zoo and Overton park, then find yourself in a little up and coming area filled with converted warehouses. You’ll park in the back of the brewery that overlooks a vacant lot, but there’s art all around so I’m sure in completely safe.

I got there just after opening and had the place to myself. While they don’t do flights, the nice boy gave me samples of everything. Because of his act of kindness, I bought 3 cases of beer, a few specialty bottles and random six-packs.

Yes, it was that good, the best I had in Tennessee. Their best known beer is the Ananda IPA, which is dry-hopped with Casade. It’s actually one of the most crushable IPAs I’ve had, and more sweet and smooth than you’re normal IPA.

The other beer I was blown away with is their Gotta Get Up To Get Down, a coffee milk stout brewed with oatmeal. It’s a low ABV beer that velvety and robust.

The last case was their Belgium IPA, Boomslang. A lot of banana, spicy clove and citrus notes and extremely clean drinking.

As for six-packs, I took home their Special IPA and Tiny Bomb Pilsner.

Here was drank full pints:

  • Lightning Rod British Bitter
  • Avast! Pirate Porter
  • The Beach Within Reach Sour Berliner Weisser
  • Azazel With Rangpur Lime Strong Golden Belgium Ale

It’d a neat space where you can walk around and check out can art from previous releases. If you’re feeling spendy, you can buy the framed art. I just stuck with stickers. Out back is large deck, which is obviously great on summer nights.

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