For the Best Donuts in Nashville, It’s Five Daughters and Nobody Else

While hot chicken and barbecue will be high on your foodie tour of Nashville, there will be a little bit of heaven you need to seek out. If you’re stomach can handle it, there 100-layer donuts from Five Daughters will change your life. Your waistline will definitely change.

Sort of a cross between your standard yeast donut and croissant, it earns comparison to the pastry that changed baking, Dominique Ansel’s Cronut. The difference is that Five Daughter’s version comes in different varieties and flavors.

Not to get into too much detail, the process to make the 100-layer donut takes three days  and involves “laminating” layers of dough with butter. The result is a dense, decadent creation. I had mine with chocolate with cardamon and maple, bacon and brown sugar. Don’t be jealous, just get down to their two Nashville locations and the original location 20 miles south in Franklin. It’s also available at Barista Parlor and a new location in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

The menu changes seasonally so there’s a good chance you’ll devouring a new creation. Want to make sure you get there and they have some super special available? Check their webcams for fresh donut action.

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