Two Breweries to Visit in Nashville, Bearded Iris and Smith & Lentz

As somebody who will always search for a city’s best coffee, hamburger, donut, pizza, record store and breweries, it’s no surprise that Nashville hits all these notes. In the end, the city has so much more to offer a traveler.

Being that my time there was a Sunday through Wednesday, many of the breweries were not open on Monday through Wednesday. So on Sunday, when I arrived late in the afternoon, I had to make a quick stop-in to these two places before they closed early. Dammit, open longer on Sunday, peops!

As I pointed out with super cool coffee place Barista Parlor, Main Street into Gallatin in East Nashville is a hub of trendy shops and old school places. Two blocks away from Bolton’s Hot Chicken is Smith & Lentz Brewery. Opened in 2015 by two guys names … ummm … Smith and Lentz, it’s open seven days a week. It’s neighborhood joint popular with young families and beer idiots like me.

Super friendly people working there who pointed me over to the next brewery in this post and to confirm the best beer bars and bottle shops I was going to visit.

Here’s what I had:

  • Coffee Stout
  • Away In Bruges Belgian Pale Ale
  • German Cologne Kölsch
  • German Pils

A Lyft took me to my next destination, Bearded Iris. While we driving there we passed construction upon construction along the Cumberland River. It’s all going to be upscale mixed use commercial and residential mid-rise buildings.

I hope Bearded Iris owns their building because when they get big, they can sell it for triple the money. Cha-ching. In any event, it’s a bit out of the way in a warehouse area, but the space is amazing as you can see in the photos.

The first thing you’ll notice is the bar and back bar. Sure it looks like they moved a vintage church inside, but in fact, everything was built new and aged. The only aspect they re-used were the columns. Everything else was made by skilled artisans.

Even the floor which looks like marbled tile. It’s not, it’s painted linoleum. Along the walls, you can admire the local art work.

In the huge space, you’re likely to talk to a musician who will drop the name of the band or bands they’ve played with and opened for. I have feeling that happens a lot in Nashville.

As for the beer, it was the best I had in Nashville. It’s all simple IPAs and pale ales. No flights, but you can get half pours. It’s great cold beer to down on a warm day.

Here’s what I had:

  • Pipsqueak Session IPA (Enigma, Simcoe and Palisade)
  • Scatterbrain New England IPA (Simcoe)
  • Homestyle New England IPA (Mosaic)
  • Noisemaker Pale Ale (Citra)

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