Nashville’s Barista Parlor Could Be the Coolest Coffee Shop in America

Coffee joints could be the best places to go local in a city. Tourists either go to Starbucks or to their hotel’s continental breakfast. Survey says …. LAME.

No matter where I wake up in my travels, I have to visit, what I call, the “pretentious hipster coffee” places. The PHCs use terms like single origin, fair trade and sustainable practices. The location should be in a gentrified area or be a previous, unrelated business. More importantly, their coffee menu should be simple and a flat white/cappuccino should be one size and pastries  should be Instragrammable.

Barista Parlor in Nashville fits everything. Even when you throw out my criteria, the coffee was amazing. Coffee snobs can do the cupping thing and people who just want a damn cup of coffee will be satisfied.

The original location in East Nashville is housed in a former autoshop just like imogene + willie (must be a thing). It’s on the same street (Main into Gallatin) as other similar trendy businesses and old school dive bars and diners.

The spacious area is designed for those who want to have impromptu business meetings with long tables or like me, just want to interact with nobody and settle in at a long wood bar made with re-purposed wood. When you put in your order, you get a long stand with some fun picture number on it to take to your table, so they can bring your order out to you.

As you can see, the space is super fun, with art work, free to play vinyl, your odd knick-knack and brickabrak, and best of all, beans to take home. The box is in the shape of a motor oil can. As a warning, they do sell-out of their specialty beans, so take what you can get.

I loved the place so much I went back again before I drove out of town. I just loved the retro-designs, the variety of coffee and gangster donut selection. I think it’s a must-visit even if you’re not a coffee junkie and just want to see a funky space. When I go back to Nashville, I’ll make a b-line there.

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