Atlanta’s Orpheus Brewing Is Heavy on the Sours and IPAs

While Atlanta can garner wildly different opinions, we can agree that there’s plenty to do in a two-day period. A whole week? Hmmmm, not so much.

Now that Georgia has new beer laws, craft breweries like Orpheus don’t have to jump through hoops to serve and sell beer. When I visited over the summer, there was a narrow window it was open. Now, it’s seven days a week and open late on the weekend.

The location is a little tricky in that you have to walk behind the building through a narrow walkway and up a few levels to get inside. On a humid summer Saturday, the outside deck was jammed and you had to rub nuts to ass to get inside. Inside, there was long lines and clusters of people jockeying at the bar to get beer samples.

If you can tolerate the chaos, you’ll get some funky sours and hop heavy IPAs. The sours were especially interesting and complex and hoppy IPAs will satisfy all hop heads. I’m all about variety, so I could have used a few dark beers. After a while, all those sours will wreck your palette.

They do distribute throughout Georgia and bottle a few one off sours. The design riffs on Greek mythology as you’ll see on elaborate and artful cans of Life.Death.Life.Truth IPA.

Here’s what I had:

  • Transmigration of Souls — Double IPA
  • Lyric Ale — Saison
  • Serpent Bite — Sour
  • Atalanta — Saison
  • Noise and Flesh — American Wild Ale
  • Over & Over — Pineapple Sour

The Vortex in Atlanta Proudly Displays a Wooden Penis

And it’s a family-friendly establishment!

The Vortex in downtown Atlanta is known for it’s crave-worthy hamburger that comes in various gut-busting varieties (Peanut Butter, Bananas AND Bacon!). It’s other claim to fame is the giant wooden phallus that patrons can rub to good luck. I chose not to, thus I am doomed for a lifetime of bad luck.

To make a long story short,  a customer bought the dick in Thailand and gifted it to The Vortex in 2014. I hope they sanitized it thoroughly. It soon gained notoriety and was given the hashtag, #dickofdestiny. Now, women and man can jerk it off in front of total strangers and take inappropriate pictures for future humiliation.

Other than the big dick, there’s a few more sexualized imagery spread through out the establishment — a few vintage pinups, 80s boxing ring girls and a few skin mags from the 70s.  It’s harmless fun and the locals enjoy the kitsch.

Mostly, the Vortex is a sports bar in a city that’s not into professional sports. Atlanta is all about college sports, especially the Georgia Bulldogs.

I wasn’t there for penis, porn or college sports, I wanted a burger. I just got a basic bacon cheeseburger with mac and cheese, and indeed, it was rather tasty. I think the place is known more for contagiousness and the over-the-top burgers like the Zombie Apocalypse, Fat Elvis,  Reverse Cowgirl and Coronary Bypass.

Ironically enough, the great comedienne from the Daily Show Michelle Wolf  was the playing the comedy club attached to the establishment that night. She’s known for feminist critiques.  No word if she rubbed the dick.