You Can Visit the Railroad Trestle from REM’s Murmur Album in Athens, GA

While you pay a visit to Weaver D’s Delicious Fine Foods in Athens, GA, you can also visit another REM landmark. Their first album was 1983’s Murmur featured such classics as Radio Free Europe, Talk About the Passion and Catapult. This was the beginnings of the American indie rock movement and showed what REM would become.

If you look at the back of the album, you’ll see a broken down wooden railroad. Thanks to the people of Athens, the trestle was deemed an historic landmark and choose to preserve it. It dates back to 1833 it connected Athens to Augusta.

You can actually walk to Dudley Park from Weaver D’s (about 11-minute-walk), but if you want to just visit it, there’s a parking lot nearby.

For your GPS, put in “R.E.M. Murmur Railroad Trestle, 220-270 S Poplar St, Athens, GA 30601” and it will guide you to it. It’s actually a rather pleasant area to walk around, far from an technology or any buildings. It’s a nice little tranquil space.

While it’s a little difficult to get the exact angle of the photo, you can walk underneath and around it.

Last year, the trestly made the news rounds as some trails might be built around it. From AthensOnline:

The fate of the trestle, the remains of which stand in the edge of Dudley Park a short distance off Oconee Street in the eastern edge of downtown Athens, has become tied in some public discourse to plans for a rail-trail project, a multiple-use paved path following an old railroad bed, paid with local special-purpose local option sales tax dollars.


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