For Family Fun in Asheville, Try the Asheville Pinball Museum

There’s plenty to do in Asheville if you get tired of breweries, barbecue and fresh mountain air. I’m a sucker for pinball. It reminds me of 80s arcades — the same you see in season two of Stranger Things.

It does seem like every city as a combo retro arcade and craft beer bar. In the Northeast, the inventor of the concept, Barcade, has six locations in New York, Jersey, Philly and Connecticut. They plan on expanding to Detriot and Los Angeles in the next two years.

If you want a family friendly throwback with the booze, the Asheville Pinball Museum focuses on retro pinball and new age pinball machines that shoot lasers and have fancy video graphics.

With dozen of machines at your disposal, you have plenty of opportunities to fail. You pay by the hour or for an all-day pass if you don’t want to see daylight.

The drawback is that with all that noise, you can’t hear all the sound effects from games like Ghostbusters, Metallica, The Walking Dead, Star Wars or Sopranos. They didn’t have my favorites, Indiana Jones or Twilight Zone, which I played on college for endless hours. In any event, they got a few retro games in the back room in case you want to get some Dig Dug into your time there.

If you need a little advice to rule your pinball game, here’s some quick video with tips from an expert:


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