Gravy Flights and a Jam Bar Are a Thing at Asheville’s Biscuit Head

I’m not a big breakfast kind of traveler. Afterwards, I just want a nap and it will slow me down. The world of brunch is something I avoid. In North Carolina and the vast south, you have to have a some biscuits and gravy, y’all.

Going to the popular and always crowded Biscuit Head was a no-brainer. When you don’t know where to go for great eats, just find which places that have their own cookbook and go there. Also, when their motto is to put some “mouth in your south,” that’s my type of attitude.

There are two locations, the closest one to where I was staying was at Biltmore Ave, but I drove around the parking lot and saw the 20+ line out the door. Thus, I went Haywood St., and for some miraculous reason, at 9am, there was no line. Once I ordered and took a seat, the line grew instantly to 10 deep. Great timing is a key to great travel.

So yes, gravy flights with biscuits is on the menu. That’s just too much yummy for a solo traveler. I just went with a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit sandwich with side of fried chicken gravy. I then took a few samples from the jam bar that had about 30 selection. They have some of those in jars to go, but I went with the sweet fire hot sauce to go.

It was the perfect amount of food where I felt sufficiently stuffed, but not wanting to crawl in a ball and take a nap. You know it’s good when your licking your fingers around the bowl to get all the gray you can.

Here are the gravies that are available, plus a gravy of the day. GRAVY OF THE MUTHA FUGGIN’ DAY, YO:

  • Espresso red eye gravy
  • Fried chicken gravy
  • Pork sausage gravy
  • House-made veggie “chorizo” gravy
  • Sweet potato coconut gravy
  • Mushroom medley gravy

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