King Daddy’s Chicken & Waffle in Asheville is a Beautiful Thing

Chicken and waffles is always a good idea. It’s works on many levels. It’s a big breakfast concept for people who had a bender the night before. It’s southern food that harnesses the power of fried food. It’s soul food to satisfy the masses whether you’re at Sylvia’s in Harlem or Roscoe’s in Los Angeles. Then, if you are among the Amish, you can have a gravy-like Chicken and Waffles.

In Asheville, King Daddy’s Chicken & Waffle takes a more retro 60s diner comfort approach with modern ideas of humanely raised chicken, gluten-free options and craft cocktails. If you hate these terms then shut-up, it’s damn good food.

What I liked was that I didn’t have to order a whole damn fried chicken because I didn’t want to send myself to an early grave with the fried food. You see, just getting a waffle and breast was perfect for me. As always, the side healthy beets counteracts any naughtiness of the fried bird and maple syrup.

Located in West Asheville, it’s not too far from the center of the town and the brewery area, it’s a good base to start a night of hoping from brewery to brewery.

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