Yoda Protects You at Green Man Brewery in Asheville

Drink beer, you will. Hmmmmmm.

Asheville might be the capital of breweries with weird riff-raff on the walls. If you’re going by yourself, you don’t need to strike a conversation with a human, just talk to the walls. In the photo above, you can see, “Leave me alone, I’m only talking to my dog today.” Just to the right is a can of unicorn meat. I’ll let you discover the rest.

This is the fun you’ll see at Green Man‘s original tap room. If you want to drink their beer without an distraction, there’s a second tap room around the corner free of stickers and pop culture figures. It’s classy-like, but I stuck to the o.g. room with the production brewery behind the bar.

Green Man is Asheville’s second oldest craft brewery (est. 1997 but sold to current owner in 2010) behind Asheville Brewing Company. Within eyesight of Green Man in South Slope is Burial, Buxton Hall, Vortex Doughnuts, Catawaba, Twin Leaf and the Funkatorium. You can spend the whole day within one square block and have breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks taken care of.

The breweries overall philosophy is to be good to Mother Earth, open to all backgrounds and whimsical. As for the beer itself, there’s something for everybody. Here’s what I had:

  • Porter
  • Sunseeker Pilsner
  • Hopfenweizen Hefeweizen
  • What’s Your Lightest Beer? Light Lager
  • Berry Wiesser Sour Berliner Weisse
  • Gruner Mann Radler (grapefruit, blood orange)


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