My First Four Hours in Denver Included This Burger and a Lyft Driver Almost Driving Off With My Luggage

The hamburger, Graham Cracker porter from the Denver Beer Co. and green chili is courtesy of City Grille in downtown Denver. It’s the consistently top rated top hamburger in Denver. While the bun was a little over-sized, it was eaten within minutes. The green chili was perfectly hot, very flavorful without being toxic.

Before that burger feast, I had another insane Lyft experience. To get from Denver Airport to the AirBnb, I took the new speedy train that will take you to Union Station for $9. Although the train car smelled like a toilet, it was $9 and simple to navigate. The plan was to get off at the nearest train station by the place and take a Lyft the rest of the way.

Order it on my phone and I can see the driver is 5 minutes away. Five minutes later she’s still five minutes away and making several u-turns. She gets within a minute and calls me, “Hi, I’m at the station. Do you see me?” I look at the phone and I’m standing right on the pin. I see she’s a block away at the bus station. I say, “it’s the train station. The address is Central Park Train Station.” If a train hadn’t arrived right at that second, I’d probably still be standing there.

She finds me and she sees my luggage. “Go ahead and put it in the trunk,” she says. The trunk is popped, but my crap in and close the trunk. She then drives away … without me.

I start scream and running like the opening credits of What’s Happening where Rerun chases after the truck. She got a good four car lengths ahead of me until she realized that I was not in the car, unless she thought I got in the trunk with my suitcase. For split second, I thought she was steeling my shit.

“I don’t know what I was thinking,” she says. She has a 5-star rating. Not anymore.


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