It Should Take You 20 Minutes to Pack If You Follow These Simple Guidelines

If your stressing out about packing for a trip, you’re doing it wrong or you have some deep seeded neurosis that you should consult your doctor.

I’ve detailed previous my folding techniques, toiletries checklist and thinking behind what clothes to bring, so let’s boil it down in some easy to follow paragraphs with bold text subheads.

Wear the same clothes for trip, based on seasons
For this trip Vancouver and Denver, I’ll wearing the same outfit I do on every flight — blue cotton stretch pants, denim/chambray shirt, blue blazer and black shoes. A slightly classier, but comfortable outfit will get you respected by crew and fellow passengers. Plus, I’ll have lounge access so I should look like belong.

In terms of what I packed, I have the same items from previous trips — blue jeans, black jeans, traveler khakis (pants cut like jeans), white shirt, blue-stripped shirt and black and white check shirt. I subbed out a green light jacket for a new camo shirt jacket that adds versatility, warmth and a little color. Sneakers are packed because they take up less rooms than the shoes.

Thus, I don’t have to decide. I’ve made the choice before, it worked and it will work again.

Pick clothes that match with each other.
Everything matches with jeans and beige khakis. The blue cotton stretch pants and blue blazer I’m wearing on the flight will go with anything I’m packing.

Keep it simple — solids, strips and simple patterns.
See above. If want to add something with some personality — add a fun scarf or sweater.

Blue is your friend
It’s the no-brainer color. It ties everything together and makes you feel comfortable. Light blue in the summer, dark blue in the winter and every shade of blue in-between.

Refresh your travel toiletries in your dopp kit when you return to save time when you go back out.
This is my best travel hack. All I had to do was throw my kit in my suitcase. When I returned from my roadtrip, I put in new toothpaste, replaced my razor blade, filled my tiny bottles and added more drugs and vitamins. The shaver, toothbrush, deodorant and comb all stay in the kit. Thus, I was all set.

Take no more than 10 pairs of undies, socks and t-shirts.
I’m out for 7 nights, so I went with the 7 sets. I could do four sets and do a quick wash when I got to Denver. If you’re out 12 nights, take 6 pairs and do a wash with a Tide Travel Pack.


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