The Next Destination — Denver, Colorado

John Denver’s was born Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. Bob Denver’s real name is Robert Denver, but Bob Denver never sang “Rocky Mountain High” as far I know.

After getting my fill of fresh Canadian air, I’ll be inhaling some Rocky Mountain air in-between pints. Denver won out over Chicago for a second destination on my trip this weekend into next. I had never been to Denver and since the weather will not be deathly cold, it was a good time to visit a city that’s known for several things.

  • The mountains
  • The Broncos
  • The beer
  • The athletic residents
  • The omelets
  • The legal weed

Weed tourism has been a boom for local business. Unfortunately, I’m not a weed guy because my allergies and my displeasure of smelling like weed.  In any event, it was inevitable that the Mile High City would be the Mile “High” City.

Denver has always been a beer city even before the craft beer boom of the past decade. Golden and the Coors facility is 20 minutes out of the city. Dare a craft beer guy go to the place where crappy, watery beer is made? Hell, yeah. If anything, it’s chance to look at old timey beer cans.

There’s a confounding amount of big names in Denver and in neighboring towns  — New Belgium, Oskar Blues, Odell, Left Hand and Breckenridge are in the Top 50 of Craft Breweries in America. Then you have Great Divide, Crooked Stave, Avery, 10 Barrel and TRVE. My hope is I find the next big craft brewery to come from the area. There are only 100 to choose from. It’s why the Great American Beer Festival, the Super Bowl of beer, is held in Denver every October.

While the weed, beer and omelets are all well in good, Denver is one of the most psychically fit cities in America. This is due to the mild summers, low rain fall, low humidity and 300 days of sunshine. Then, the city, by design, is filled with public parks, bike lanes, running tracks and sports areas. As a result, it brings in young professional to study sports medicine, tech companies build offices there to appeal to fit people and obesity is at low levels. Let’s not forget that Colorado is one the great ski destinations in the world.

I’ll be spending 3 nights in the joint. I have to tell myself that I won’t be able to drink at all the breweries, but damn it I will try.

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