Asheville’s Oyster House Brewing Company Provides … Oysters and Beer

After a 10-hour drive and downing the fabulous burger Tastee Diner, I headed to the closest brewery to begin my tour of Asheville’s finest beer. Down the street on Haywood in West Asheville is Oyster House.

All you need to know about Oyster House Brewing Company is in the name. You can have oysters, you can drink beers made in house and you can have both at the same time.

An oyster stout might seem like an unusual beer, but it not hard to find brewers willing to take discarded oyster shells to make beer. The recipe can be traced back to Victorian times when brewers used anything they could get their hands on.

Today, brewers use it to give richness to stouts, with a bit of a briny finish you would expect. Thus, the Oyster House Moonstone Oyster Stout has a mineral-like finish with hints of sea salt. With the low alcohol, it makes a good companion to their oyster selection. For something with a little whoop-whoop, have the bourbon barrel aged version.

I’m not a shellfish guy, but there’s plenty of other choices. I had room for more nibbles after the Tastee Burger so I went with a small side of the bourbon pimento mac and cheese.

Here’s what I had:

  • It’s Porter Time
  • Ole Dirty Blonde Golden Ale
  • Step Papa Pale Ale
  • Bob’s Yer Uncle Extra Special Bitter

It’s a cosy spot that’s not in a high-traffic area, so it’s optimal for relaxing after a day of hiking.

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