Revolution Donuts in Atlanta Sells a Peach Slider Donut To Die For

Their motto is: “Put something good in your mouth.” So I did.

Revolution Donuts in Atlanta is the second location from the original Decatur, GA shop. It’s down the street from the upscale Krug Street Market.  While it’s hard to argue that they will lead a pastry revolution, they will reinvent your caloric intake if you’re waiting your weight.

In a dizzying display for sugary goodness, from salted caramel, apple fritter and maple bacon, it’s the fresh fruit slider donuts that are the most popular. If Georgia is known for one culinary staple, it’s the peach. Everything is peach named in the state. Thus, the peach slider is a wonder. Naturally sweet, crunchy and just a hint of tartness sandwiched in a pillowy yeast donut.

No one will blame you got getting another, or opting for a strawberry or blueberry filled slider. I got stuck in traffic on Rt 85 on a Saturday morning so damn straight I went for another.

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