Notes on a 10-Hour Drive and First Impressions of Asheville

“Arrived in Asheville without incident” is what I sent out to friends and family. Left the Jersey homestead at 8:30am, arrived at my AirBnb in Asheville at 7:40pm with three rest stops in between. I am the solo road trip master.

My first thought was that road trips are gangster and people need to do it more often. Gas is cheap these days, cars are more dependable and with GPS, your trips are using the best algorithms to get you there. Even as solo traveler, I was never fatigued because I followed my own guidelines for safety and comfort. The only discomfort I experienced was that my sunglasses were causing me a little discomfort around my left ear.

Also, my gadget guide works well. I used the Rohto drops when I left my air conditioned car and went outside. My eyes instantly became irritated. Dropped some Rohto in them and they were normal instantly. Then my Zojirushi mug still had ice in it at the end of the trip. Amazing! Big ups also to Wawa for making killer hoagies for $5 that travel well. It help me avoid any temptation to go to Bojangles.

The trip itself didn’t seem like 11-12 hours. I brought in my favorite music, listen to some podcasts and amused myself with observances like these:

— Not to be outdone by the sky-high McDonalds signs on Rt 81, the large crosses in Virginia are impressive. You don’t see 20-foot high concrete crosses in Europe or Jerusalem.

— In Pennsylvania, three billboards had lofty claims. One claimed to have the largest cigar bar and store in America. Another, the largest Lazer Tag arena in America. No word if that comes with a time machine to take you back to the early 90s when that was last popular. Finally, the largest “adult novelty selection in the area.” That’s what you need while traveling through rural Pennsylvania.

— I saw PA plates for SXY DVA and above it, large lettering that says SEXY DIVA in case you didn’t know what the license plate meant. In case you are wondering, SXY DVA rides a Nissan Pathfinder.

The best part of the trip was the last 90 minutes through the mountains of eastern North Carolina. It was all stunning scenery of green trees, rolling hills and clouds over mountains.

When I got off the my exit for Asheville, at the end of it was brewery. Now I know I’m in the right place.

So far, Asheville is just chill. Every one has been nice. It’s definitely a beer destination because the people I met were all in town for the beer. A quick look at map shows 20 breweries within a five mile radius of where I’m staying. They don’t mess around.

While I’m here, I’ll be using Lyft to get around, even though everything is tightly packed. I’m using it for bonus Delta miles you can earn, not some slight on Uber. First driver was great, second guy was a little off. He asked that I put on my safety harness (seat belt), wondered why more people don’t do hula-hoops for exercise and followed me into a brewery asking about the history of the building. He means well, he was your typical grungy-looking hippie.

That’s it for now.



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