Gadgets and Products I Travel With on Long Car Trips

As I mentioned on a previous post, I’ve got a 10 to 11 hour road trip in front of me to Asheville, NC. As the driver and lone passenger, safety and comfort are paramount.

This isn’t my first 10+ hour car trip, but some little doo-dads and inexpensive things make it tolerable and even enjoyable. Here’s what I take along:

CD Slot Smartphone Car Mount ($15-$25) — While most cars have Bluetooth, in-car navigation costs extra even in car rentals. If you have to rely on your phone for Google maps or Waze like I do, this inexpensive car mount slides right into the CD slot on older model cars.  Koomus makes a mount that fits all phones with a grip like holder that can rotate between landscape and vertical.

Available on ebay.

Zojirushi Insulated Travel Mug ($24-$35) — I have a stash of travel rotating travel mugs from commuting. Contigo is the go-to brand for most people on the go. While they are perfectly fine for people who will finish their morning coffee by the time they get to work, they do a half-way decent job of keeping your beverage warm or cold. Even though it’s a bit pricey for a travel mug, the Japanese-designed Zojirushi is the superior container. I had put coffee in it for three hours and still had steam coming from it. It fared even better with ice water, with the cubes still solid after the same time. Even better is that it’s solid construction with two levels of spill-proof designs with locks.

Available on Target.

Rohto Eye Drops ($5) — Eye strains and dry eyes can be a nuisance since you will be using air conditioning or taking in the wind if you’re driving with the top down. These eye drops are needed relief for your eyes. It’s like a little spa treatment for your eye balls. The all-in-one version takes care of redness, dry, itchy and watery eyes. It has the bases covered.

Available on Target.

Swedish Hand CremeL:A Bruket makes the big pimpin’ hand creme for those players who take their hands very seriously. It’s $26 a tube and your hands will thank you later. For those who can’t throw down for this little luxury, the Swedish Dream (which is hard to not think of something dirty) makes a Sea Salt hand creme for $12 which will allow you to feel like a Swede.

Available on Jet.

Ultimate Ears Roll 2 Bluetooth Speakers ($50-$100) — You got your favorite Spotify playlist or Pandora station ready, but your car doesn’t have Bluetooth or having trouble connecting. The simple remedy is the Roll 2 speaker which is small, but mighty enough to make your drive fun for all your passengers. These speakers pack flat and can go for 10-hours straight. The mobile app will even tell you how much charge you have going.

Available on ebay.

5-lb Bag of Gummi Bears ($13) — If you finish this bag on your own, I’m impressed, but I think your stomach might want to have a word with you.  For making a five-pound bag, we salute you Haribo.

Available on Walmart.

Armor All Car Cleaning Wipes ($3-$5) — Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. I stick a few varieties in my truck for the glass and leather interior when I spill my gummi bears all over the interiors. The glass wipes are particularly effective for those hard to reach areas on the glass.

Available on Target.







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