The Museum of Ice Cream is Now in Los Angeles and Sold Out

To be filed under, “We CAN have nice things!” The Museum of Ice Cream, which was a pop-up in New York last summer, has found a new home in downtown Los Angeles. Dreams of ice cream do come true in the city that manufactures dreams.

While it’s unclear that the new location is permanent, tickets are completely sold out until August 15 unless you’re a celebrity. At $29 a pop, all that new ice cream money can be used to pay more rent. The location is in the gentrified area of downtown, about a 30-minute walk from the Bradbury Building and 20 minutes from Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. There’s also a sweet location of Blue Bottle Coffee a few doors down.

The museum is more of a pop art installation ready-made for selfies. The brightly hued rooms will probably give you a sugar rush more than anything. There’s a sprinkles room (or jimmies if you’re from Jersey) alongside a the banana split room with 10,000 bananas. When you enter, you get a Dove bar, which is corporate sponsorship at it’s finest.  Along the way, you get samples from local creameries Salt & Straw and Coolhaus, who sells seriously amazing ice cream. Your ticket gets you an hour in the museum, so plan accordingly.

You all can have a museum, I’ll keep my Ice Cream City in Tokyo.

Here’s actor Remi Malek taking a tour:

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