Chase Sapphire Reserve — What Gets You Triple Miles

In the continuing adventures of the cult-like status of the Chase Sapphire Reserve, I’ve done a deep dive into my account to see what can you 3x miles and what will you land you one mile. The results surprised me in what constitutes as “dining.”

What struck is that breweries, wineries and distilleries that serve food or sell their booze on site have various categories. Some count as “dining” and will get you the 3x miles, others not so much.

Let’s look at it in detail…

Levante Brewing in Pennsylvania, they serve beer — 3x
Westtown Brewworks, Hudson Ale Works, Arrowood Farms in New York, they serve beer and small plates of food — 1x
Manayunk Brewery in Pennsylvania, brewery with full-service restaurants — 3x
Manayunk Brewery gift shop to get bottles to go and merch– 3x
Village Idiot Brewery in New Jersey, they serve beer and sell merch — 3x
Spellbound Brewery in New Jersey, they serve beer and sell merch — 1x
Dark City Brewery in New Jersey, they serve beer and sell merch — 3x

As you can see, there are various mile allotments that you would consider a dining or drinking experience.  Why does one brewery in Jersey get you 3x while another five miles away get you only one?

I contacted Chase and they explained that it depends on the merchant themselves and how they categorize themselves when they set-up their payment system. To note, all three NJ breweries use the Square system. If they say their are liquor/beverage store, then it’s 1x. If they categorize themselves as bar, tap room or dining establishment, then it’s 3x. Chase also stated that there’s no way to determine beforehand what merchant will get you the triple miles.

This is good to know, so if you really want to maximize the card, just whip it out on the safe side.

Then the other way to get triple miles is to order food via Seamless or Eat24 no matter what you order.

There’s also the Dunkin’ Donuts app. If you use your card  to add value to the app, you’ll get 3x.

On the other hand, for those who are part of the Wawa cult, you’ll only get 1 miles for every dollar if you upload to the app. It’s considered a convenience store/supermarket, so that will get you the single mile for every dollar.

As for the “travel” area that get you the triple miles, I mentioned before that tolls and public transportation count as travel. That will also count towards the $300 credit.

And here’s my super-special, do this right now if you can, I explained that I use to pay my rent and to guarantee I spend $4,000 in the first three months.

Guess what? That counts as accommodation which is part of travel. Thus, I’m earning triple miles paying my rent with the Chase Sapphire Reserve via Plastic — almost 5,000 miles per rent paid.

It’s a balancing acts between the two cards I use the most,  Chase Sapphire Reserve and Virgin Atlantic Mastercard. While CSR pays out the 3x miles for dining and travel and 1x for everything else, VA gets me 3x for travel of Virgin Atlantic, but 1.5x miles for everything else. So for my bills and shopping, I stick with VA.

Because of my use of CSR for five months, I’ve earned 25,122 miles on top of the 100,000 bonus. The question remains, how to use it?


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