Angela Merkel Gave a Major Speech at a Munich Beer Festival

As if you needed more reason to visit Germany, Angela Markel gave the world another one. The German Chancellor delivered some pointed remarks towards U.S. President No. 45, and then lifted a stein of beer. That is, what we Americans call, “keeping it one hundred.” She even drank it!

Buried in this major story is where she drank it. The Truderinger Festival is a spring version of Oktoberfest that’s been around for 50 years that runs from May 19-28.

“The Truderinger Festival invites you with hearty music, Bavarian specialties and folk to celebrate the festival. Every day, the visitors will find folk festivals with traditional bands, show and party bands. For the stage program you can enjoy half a henl and beer in the Festzelt of Wirt Lorenzstiftl, and afterwards turn round the festival ground, enjoy the ride in one of the fairgrounds or browse the market stalls.”

While Munich and Oktoberfest are intertwined and sort of a rite of passenger for the Bavarian people, you and I can enjoy the atmosphere without the crowds year round in dozens of beer halls. It’s one of those stereotypes about Munich that is actually true — they do drink beer in big drinking vessels and sing songs year-around.

The Hofbräuhaus is the best known — the place you go so you say that you went. As you’ll see, it’s all tourists. Augustiner Keller and Der Pschorr (with the superior food menu) are decent mix of locals and visitors, so those are my endorsement, but in reality, you can’t go wrong, They are all big time fun.

As a side note, Germany is also building a beer pipeline. Consider me jealous.


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