You Don’t Need This — An Autonomous Suitcase

Not everything in life has to be hands free or powered by robots. We’re coming upon the very really possibility of driver less cars and trucks so that highways will look like Tom Cruise jumping from car to car like in Minority Report.

You’ve probably seen the Amazon drone delivery plan as well as a food-delivery robot that travels on the side walk. Now, take that idea and apply it to your luggage.

Introducing the Travelmate, the first autonomous suitcase robot.

“It can move vertically or horizontally with ease. You can put more items or perhaps another suitcase on top of Travelmate when it is traveling autonomously in horizontal mode. Travelmate navigates large crowds and is able to recognize and avoid objects as needed.”

Wow! That’s an amazingly horrible idea, but the makers are going forth with a crowdfunding campaign. They even have a video with a British narrator because everything sounds futuristic and important when a Brit speak about it.

While you watching, notice how they try to hide that fact that it’s pretty slow:

I don’t even know where to begin, but as you see, this was not designed for the traveler in a hurry. This wasn’t even designed for the person carrying a lot of stuff. The thing is small enough to be a carry-on, and if you’re just traveling with this, you can probably fit everything in …. hmmmm …. I don’t know … A BACKPACK!!!! Amazing, right? A backpack travels at the same rate of speed as you do while leaving you hands free.

The guy has to walk at a deliberately slow pace to show the suitcase in motion. How long before you extend the handle and just drag it like a normal human being?

You’ll also notice in the video that they are in the only airport in the world without people in it. People aren’t tripping over it, knocking it over or getting their foot run over by it.

It comes with a mobile app that drives it around and makes it turn 360 degrees on it’s own, because that’s what you look for in luggage, something that can spin around on its own for no reason. By the time you figure out the controls, you could have just picked it up and be on your way.

My first thought was how easily somebody could steal it and runaway with it, but it does comes with a locking mechanism that I’m sure TSA will enjoy. It comes with many of the useless features “smart” suitcases come with like charging ports and GPS locations.

The suitcase reminds me of the Juicero machine that became a story recently. It’s the $400 juicing machine that squeezes out packages of pre-made juices. Then Bloomberg realized you can just squeeze the pouches by hand, rending the machine useless. Wait until the makers of Travelmate learn that you can pick up your luggage by hand.

There’s is one feature that I like … it lights up like a TRON motorbike. I don’t know where that will be useful, but cool non-the-less.

There is another video the makers put out recently that shows their device from a female perspective and that it comes in pink. Apparently, the Travelmate makes you stick your chest out for no reason in slow motion. WTF? The sad part is when they put the suitcase on a gokart racetrack and it’s obvious that they sped up the video. Enjoy … and don’t buy.

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