Trivago Guy Joined By Trivago Lady

If you watch daytime television, you’ll come across Trivago ads along with prescription drugs, motorized scooters and lawyers representing mesothelioma victims. Normally, you see spokesman Tim Williams, aka the Trivago guy. He looks like he just woke up after a 10-hour schnapps binge, took a quick shower and filmed a commercial wearing what he already had on.

Now the German-based hotel search engine website has added Trivago lady. Her name is Gabrielle Miller from Australia. While she’s well-spoken and bothered to clean-up, the Trivago ad people still don’t feel the need to have their spokespeople dress nice. With her untucked blue oxford she borrowed from her boyfriend over black skinny jeans, she could also be selling mops and floor cleaner.

From her websiteGabrielle is an actor, dancer, musician, puppeteer and director, continuously striving to create multi-disciplinary art that is unique, daring and highly entertaining. 

Puppeteer! You’re under-utilizing her, Trivago people! I’d buy hotels from a puppeteer.

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