The Museum of Failure Opens in Sweden on June 7

Blockbuster Video. New Coke. Google glasses. My attempt climbing an indoor rock wall. These are all considered failures. Now, there’s a museum that will honor these lacks of achievement.

Located in the coastal town of Helsingborg, Sweden (motto: not Stockholm, Malmo or Gothenburg, but still awesome!), the Museum of Failure is a serious look at projects and products that didn’t last or work out. The hope is to inspire others to continue to achieve despite setbacks.

Museum of Failure is a collection of interesting innovation failures. The majority of all innovation projects fail and the museum showcases these failures to provide visitors a fascinating learning experience. The collection consists of over sixty failed products and services from around the world. Every item provides unique insight into the risky business of innovation.

The permanent museum will focus of everything from techie products like the Zune and Apple Newton to food items like the Tesco Lasagna sandwich and Coke Blak. I would like to add Zima. Look it up, kids.

There will also be a touring annex of the museum that will tour Sweden, then eventually hit Berlin, Amsterdam and Miami. Add this to the Museum of Broken Relationships and you’ve got what experts call EPIC FAIL.

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