Bangkok Not Banning Street Food So You Can Stop Freaking Out

Your future Instagram shots of you eating questionable meat on a street in Bangkok are safe.

News got out last week that the Thai government was cracking down on street food vendors. As usual, one article was published that got their information wrong. Young writers needing to publish five articles a day to fulfill the clickbait quota picked up on the news without actually doing research.

As it turns out, it was a misunderstanding, lost in translation situation.

“The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is not banning street food in Khao San and Yaowarat roads—it’s the opposite,” BMA advisor Wanlop Suwandee told CNN. “It is supporting street food by implementing hygienic measures and organizing traffic around the areas.”

Doesn’t that make sense? As CNN points out, a few stalls were asked to move and the spokesperson was misquoted.

In reality, there are an estimated 15,000 food stalls in Bnagkok. If a few are misplaced, there are only 14,990 left to choose from. The food scene is safe. You’re safe. Enjoy your spicy food.


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