Want to Visit North Korea? Just Walk Around a Table in the DMZ

You read stories in travel media where people visit every country in one or two years, before they turn 21 or spending only $1,000. This is not something I strive to do. It’s quality over quantity.

Case in point, I have no desire to spend 3 days and 4 nights in Pyongyang just for bragging rights. I doubt they have a lively culinary scene or vibrant nightlife. On the other hand, one minute in, and one minute out — just long enough to take a selfie and check-in on Swarm — will do just fine.

Guess what? You can, and rather easily.

U.S. Vice-President Mike “Whitey McWhiterson” Pence visited South Korea recently and the DMZ where he observed North Korea from a safe distance. For the rest of us, we can do this and actually step across the border.

First you need to book a tour of a U.S. base in the DMZ while in Seoul. It’s the only way can do it.

You’ll arrive to the Joint Security Area where you’ll enter one of the blue buildings pictured above. In the building is a table. On the near side is South Korea. On the opposite end of the table is officially North Korea. Your tour guide will allow you to walk around the table to the North Korea side, take photos and walk back into South Korea. Thus, you’ve visited North Korea.

Crazy right? What’s also crazy is that you’ll probably find North Korean soldiers looking at your every move on their side.

Want to see it in action. The best travel host of all time, Michael Palin, visited the DMZ on his Full Circle series. Watch it below at 2:30:

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