Five Los Angeles Chain Restaurants That Are Not In-n-Out Burger

The land of traffic craves convenience. That new, must-visit artisan cafe might only be seven miles away, but that’s 40 minutes in L.A. time. On top of that, you have to find parking and the line will probably 50 deep. But hey! That Instagram photo will get, like, 15 likes and a smiley emoji.

Thus, having multiple locations is advantageous. We all know In-n-Out is all over the damn place, but if you want to go semi-local, here are other well-known institutions loved by locals.

Roscoe Chicken n Waffles — The legendary soul food institution is loved by rappers, Los Angelinos and people who look at a waffle and think, “This would be better with fried chicken.” With eight locations, the easiest one being in West Hollywood, you can order the Obama special and cry afterwards.

Zankou Chicken — Name checked by Beck in his masterpiece song, “Debra” … “Like a fruit that’s ripe for a pickin’ / I wouldn’t do you like that Zankou Chicken.” It also inspired a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode about Palestinian chicken. The Armenian-style rotisserie chicken chain has been around California since 1962. You can load up on platters, sides, wraps and salads and feel full and so very un-L.A.

Winchell’s Donuts — For such a health conscience city, they do have a lot of artisan donut places. Since Dunkin’ Donuts finally returned to the west coast, Winchell had to take back seat. The iconic donut shop is old school retro with it’s yellow and red interiors and simple cake donuts. Some of the shops kept its neon signage to call back to it’s 1940s roots.

Caffe Luxxe — On the opposite end of Winchell’s is the new school coffee of Caffe Luxxe. That’s two f’s and two x’s. The three locations provide a serious coffee city with some expertly poured espresso drinks and pour overs. The latte art are Instagram-worthy creations.

Barney’s Beanery — Known to locals as the place to go for hangover breakfasts and to create a hangover, their extensive menu has something for everybody. It’s the chili that is the calling card since 1920, when the classic Hollywood stars would frequent. Legend has it that Jim Morrison was thrown out in the 60s. Each location is packed with crap that would make a TGIFriday’s jealous.

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