The United Leggins Controversy Is Stupid on Many Levels

In this week’s edition of social media outrage over nothing, I’m sure you read that two teenager girls were told to wear something over their leggings before boarding a United Airlines flights. As a result, everybody, talk show hosts and celebrities felt need to weight in because that’s what we do.

As someone who use to work in public relations, the PR crew for United must be putting in some massive overtime. All this because some dumbass saw it going down at the gate and felt the need to express her displeasure on Twitter. Lady, just board the damn plane.

“I don’t get why that’s the issue here,” she told CNBC. “A dress code still shouldn’t be gendered and sexist. To be clear, this was happening very publicly right here in the gate.” What a hero.

Not everything that happens in life has to be made into an international incident. Remember the BBC interview where the baby interrupts? That was hilarious, until people had to berate other people and cry racism for assuming that the Asian women was the nanny, when she was the mother. Please.

Then my reaction to United’s policy that those using employee passes should abide by a dress code — fine. It’s their airline, they can do what they want. If you don’t like it, start your own airline. Then networks had to do retrospective on how people use to dress up to travel and now people wear their pajamas.

This will thankfully fall out of the news cycle in a couple of days, then social media will find something else to be outraged over. In the meantime, get off Twitter and enjoy the flight.


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