Dumb Asses Are Still Pointing Lasers at Airplanes

It’s time to check in on the dumbest thing bored people are doing to destroy air travel. It’s not taking their smelly shoes and socks off during the flight or random cock punches to flight stewards. It’s laser pointers.

London Heathrow saw a record 151 reported incidents in 2016 of somebody on the ground pointing a laser at a plane taking off. In 2015, there were 30. In the complete United Kingdom, 1,258 incidents were reported. That Brexit is a bitch ain’t it?

Now, here in the great U.S.A., we can’t let the brits outshine us. I reported two years ago that 3,894 incidents happened in 2014. Since then, in 2015, 7,703 incidents were reported, according to the FAA.

And the crappy year of 2016, it actually lowered 7,442. Ohhh, that’s 261 less. Also, if you look at the FAA report, 90% of those incidents were green laser pointers. 2.9% were blue. That’s great, detailed reporting.

This begs the question …


According to one FBI investigation, perpetrator Jason Stouder wanted to see “how far it goes and what it hit. The helicopter flew by and I made the decision to see if it would reach the helicopter. Obviously it did. But, in viewing the video I had no idea it illuminated the whole cockpit and blinded everybody inside.”

Multiply that by 7,442 and you can see why we are a nation of idiots.

Here’s what it looks like from inside the cockpit via CNN:

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