The U.S. Travel Industry Feeling Effects of Travel Ban

It’s gone from bad to worst and will probably continue to slide. The botched travel ban that was overturned that’s going to be re-written because if you’ve failed once, might as well fail again is harming the trillion dollar travel industry.

The Global Business Travel Association estimates that $185 million worth of booking was lost due to the ban from the seven predominantly Muslim countries. It’s not just from refugees, green card holders, and students, it’s from business travelers.

“Business travel drives lasting business growth and is a leading indicator for jobs and the economy at large,” said Michael W. McCormick, GBTA’s executive director. “Upholding the travel ban will clearly cause a rippling effect through the travel industry, ultimately hurting the economy. It also unleashes travel disruption like we saw when the order was first implemented.”

The other major factor in this shit show is how foreign travelers travelers are rethinking visiting America. I alluded to this when the then candidate Trump called for a complete Muslim ban — will people not come to the U.S. out of protest or just lack of interest.

Now, we have some evidence that there is a drop off. The World Travel & Tourism Council says that there’s between a 6 to 17 percent decline in searches from travel booking sites to major U.S. destinations since the ban was first introduced.

“Every time a story comes out about challenges at customs and border patrol, a potential tourist to the US may get cold feet,” said Jason Clampet, editor of Skift.

I would counter that us coastal elites and major cities are welcoming of all nationalities and anything that this administration does is bad PR. They don’t represent America in my opinion, so if anyone is hesitant, they shouldn’t. Or just go to Canada, it’s like America but with funnier accents and more maple syrup.

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