United Pilot Has Meltdown Over Intercom; Might Not Have Happy Valentine’s Day

There seems to be a story everyday about a passenger doing something crazy. The “Cash Me Outside” chick used 5 of her 15 minutes for an in-flight rant. For this story, it’s the pilot going off the rails.

Many outlets are reporting about a United Airlines pilot showed up late for a Austin-San Francisco run late and in street clothes. The unnamed captain grabbed the intercom to rant about her divorce, the past election and her “cute little uniform.” Many passengers chronicled it on social media. After watching the video, it’s more disturbing than ha ha funny.

My reaction would be to find a flight attendant and ask, “Pardon me. I’m going to open the emergency doors and deploy the slide.”

About a dozen did get off, but the police arrived and escorted the pilot off the plane. She’s been suspended pending investigation.

While there are plenty of jokes to be made, this incident is not good for anyone. A Germanwings pilot had undisclosed mental problems and downed an entire plane in 2015. In 2012, a JetBlue pilot freaked out mid-flight yelling about a bomb on the plane, had to be locked out of the cockpit and restrained.

Pilots have one of the most stressful jobs out there with the pressure to be on-time, the hours of being away from home and the burden of having 180 souls trusting your skills. I hope this is a rare incident because they are the lifeblood of a whole industry.

One thought on “United Pilot Has Meltdown Over Intercom; Might Not Have Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. If pressure to arrive on time for your job was a legitimate excuse for going off your rocker, then the entire working world would be giving crazy rants on a daily basis! Anyone with a job that requires specific work hours knows how to arrive on time. While I agree that pilots have a very stressful occupation, there are many who have equally stress filled occupations – including other pilots – yet they aren’t flipping their lids. The video of this woman makes me seriously believe that 1) there was far more to her breakdown than we are aware of (for instance, her comment about her copilot being a man screams it) and 2) I can’t help wondering if she was under the influence of some kind of drug or alcohol. With all the nightmare videos and stories coming from airplane passengers these days, I’ve never been happier to be too poor to travel anywhere, especially by plane!


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