Notice A Theme With Travel-Related Super Bowl Ads?

While the immigrant story of Adolphus Busch is grabbing headlines at juuuuuuust the right time during the Super Bowl,  there was  a theme to several travel-related Super Bowl ads.

There’s the AirBnb ad featuring people of many nationalities using the popular LL Brown/Circular font the company uses to showcase their desire for inclusion. Not included is when you find out your AirBnb host is creepy.

I enjoyed the Expedia advert of the red head traveling at every stage of her life — hitchhiking, making out with a guy in Japan, saving refugees, being a humanitarian and getting stopped by a soldier at a checkpoint. It’s pretty bold.

Last year, Turkish Airlines had Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg from Batman v. Super: Dawn of Boredom. This year, they had the voice of God Morgan Freeman taking his first class seat to an open field.

The theme — travel is awesome because it gets you out of your bubble … and a little trolling of the new U.S. President doesn’t hurt.

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