Guinness Building a Brewery in Maryland; Won’t Actually Brew Guinness

Travelling to Ireland must be such a pain these days. You have to buy tickets, leave your house, pack your crap and get on a plane. Meh.

Luckily, you can get the Guinness experience without leaving the U.S. of A. It turns out that the fine Irish lads of Guinness are building a production facility in Relay, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore. The plan is to replicate the experience of visiting St. James Gate in Dublin complete with a tour, museum experience, tap room and epic merch store.

Before you get your pitchforks and torches, the catch is that the famous Guinness stout won’t be made there. It will continue to be produced at the main Dublin factory. The beers in the Maryland facility will be exclusively made for the U.S. market similar to the Guinness Blonde. Taking a page from the craft beer movement, the beers will include experimental test batches.

With all this said, don’t go visiting the new storehouse thinking it will replace going to Ireland. It’s just a way for Guinness introducing new beers by extended the iconic name. It’s all about branding and marketing.

Go to Ireland. The Storehouse is the best beer destination I’ve visited. It’s extensive, educational, modern but honers tradition. Plus, it has the best view of Dublin in the city at the top bar when you finally get to drink.

2 thoughts on “Guinness Building a Brewery in Maryland; Won’t Actually Brew Guinness

  1. I never made it to Dublin, but definitely want to visit the Guinness storehouse once I do. Perhaps I’ll stop by the Maryland one until I get the change to travel across the Atlantic? Thanks for sharing!


  2. I absolutely LOVE Guinness so if there’s a blond Guinness in the picture, I’m there.
    Thanks for sharing this 😉


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