American Airports Have Become a Meeting Place for Protests, Just Don’t Take An Uber There

By the time I finish typing this post, there will probably be another development in the ongoing saga of Muslims entering the country from banned countries. It’s a complex story that’s playing out in airports across America with protests, court orders, tales of families being separated, turned away and now, people are deleting Uber.

The Guardian does a great job for quick, condensed live update while delving deeper in the who’s and why’s. It’s been a chaotic weekend for airports and airlines sorting out this mess that the new administration put into effect without much research and little regard for the consequences.

Locally near the Why Am I No There? HQ, hundreds of protesters voiced their outrage at Newark Airport for a second day while a few thousands headed over to JFK.


I’ve been a little out of it with a busy weekend, but just tonight I’m reading up on the Uber controversy. Long story short: they sort of crossed protest lines in picking people up from JFK after NYC taxis cab drivers (who have a large Muslim contingent) staged a protest by not going to JFK. My first thought was, “I guess we’re all Lyft people from now on.” Sure enough, I got an e-mail from Lyft saying that they are pledging $1 million to the ACLU. Suck it, Uber. I didn’t delete it, though. I don’t use in the U.S., so they don’t get my money.

To tie everything together, this was inevitable after the November victory (I refuse to type the man’s name). I pointed out back in June that the tourist industry would loose billions if this ban took place, and now we’re seeing it.

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