Something Is Making American Airlines Flight Attendants Sick — And It’s Not Your B.O.

Somebody needs to call Dr. Gregory House because one in 10 of American Airlines flight attendants are getting rashes, sore throats, wheezing, fatigue and vertigo. That’s the same reactions I get from watching Suicide Squad on their on-board entertainment.

The obvious culprit are their new uniforms which were distributed to their 70,000 employees back in September. By October, 450 complaints were filed to their call center.

The makers of the uniforms also made them for Alaska Airlines, and what do you know?, the employees were complaining as well, according to the Chicago Tribune.  It might time to rethink your manufacturing. My favorite quote for the article — “A hospital gown seems to be the most popular flight-attendant accessory this season. That or an inhaler,” said flight attendant Heather Poole

Here’s the thing, AA spent $1 million on toxicology tests and they found nothing. My guess resembles the plot of 1989 Batman — mix the clothes with perfume/cologne, make-up and deodorant and the results could be toxic.

While the battle continues among the airline, the union that represents the stewards and stewardesses and the uniform supplier, those who are getting a reaction will get cotton uniforms instead of polyester. I don’t know about you, I would like the in-flight staff not scratching themselves while saving us during the unlikely event of a water landing.

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