The George Lucas Museum Will Be Built in Los Angeles

If you wanted a place where you can study the origins of Jar Jar Binks and Willow, then keep your eyes on Los Angeles.

After trying in Chicago and San Francisco, George Lucas will build his billion dollar Museum of Narrative Art on Vermont Avenue in Exposition Park. It’s south of Downtown L.A., the University of Southern California campus (where Lucas graduated) and off the 110.

While it will contain a priceless collection of Lucas’s Star Wars and LucasFilm memorabilia, the museum will showcase his personal art collection of Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth and Alberto Vargas paintings. “Once you step inside the Museum, you’ll feel that you’ve been transported to another world filled with stories for exploration. Both futuristic and timeless, the Museum will feature experiences that enhance your visit, designed to be your guide on your journey through the collection,” the website says.

The building itself does look like a spaceship docking in Naboo, but it comes from the masterminds of MAD Architects. The Beijing-born Ma Yansong is the lead designer, who studied under the late Zaha Hadid.

The plan is to open the joint on Star Wars Day 2021 (May 4th).

The city has been making a concerted effort to attract more visitors with a new football stadium to house the Rams, and as of today, the relocated Chargers from San Diego. The ultimate goal is regaining the Summer Olympics for 2024.


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