Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market is Moving, Still Selling Six-Figure Fish

Tsukiji Fish Market, the largest and most famous fish market in the world, was suppose to be in its new digs at Tokyo Bay last November. Due to soil contamination and cost over-runs at the new site, the owners have yet to establish a new opening date.

In the meantime, a 466-pound blue fin tuna fetched $632,000. The joke would be if the Starkist Corporation bought it and just shoved it along with the other tuna for canning. Whomp whomp.

Visiting the market is an experience unlike anything else. You need to wake up at 4:30am to get there at 5am where the action is at full throttle. Forklifts are whizzing by carrying tons of fish. Pallets are being dragged around in a delicate ballet. Crazy auctions are happening all around similar to a stock exchange trading floor.

I was lucky that my hotel in Ginza was within walking distance so I could just roll out of bed and walk over. Once that fish smell hits you, that’s your wake-up call. With all that fish around you, you could take advantage of the chefs making sushi for breakfast. You can’t get much more fresh than that.

Here are pictures from the old location. Unfortunately, the new location will be a little out of the way.

tsukiji-fish-market-1 tsukiji-fish-market-2 tsukiji-fish-market-3 tsukiji-fish-market-4 tsukiji-fish-market-5 tsukiji-fish-market-6 tsukiji-fish-market-7 tsukiji-fish-market-8 tsukiji-fish-market-9 tsukiji-fish-market-10 tsukiji-fish-market-11 tsukiji-fish-market-13 tsukiji-fish-market-14



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