Articles About Where to Go in 2017 Are Pointless

The new year brings planning for where to go this year. Thus, the major news and travel sites have their expanding list of random places to visit that are either up-and-coming or trendy. The New York Times debuted their 2017 list this afternoon.

My opinion — go wherever you want to go. The hottest destination is the one you choose to go to. You’ll make it hip.

Don’t go to a place that has an new culinary scene because every destination as an inventive culinary scene. If a new attraction is open, it will be there next year. If there’s a once-in-a-lifetime event like an Olympics or World’s Fair, then by all means break the bank getting and staying there.

These lists are mostly based on the whim of the writers and editors. When you compile them together, they pretty much represent every major destination in the world. They tout new attractions, new airports, new hotels and upgraded public transportation.

In the Times list, their No. 1 place to go is Canada because it’s still a democracy. Well, it’s a darn big country so you have a lot of planning to do. Madrid, Budapest, Tijuana, Marrakesh, Detroit, South Bronx, Dubrovnik and Hamburg make the list.

Here are some other lists:

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