The Vatican McDonald’s is Not Really In the Vatican

Making the rounds in the media cycle is that the Vatican will now house a McDonald’s. Here are some of the headlines that are somewhat mis-leading:

The Guardian — Holy Big Mac: Vatican’s first McDonald’s opens

FoxNews — Controversial McDonald’s opens in Vatican City amid cardinal protests

Chicago Tribune — McDonald’s heads to the Vatican, but not everyone’s lovin’ it

Now here’s the headline that’s a tad more accurate:

Newsweek — McDonald’s Near Vatican City Opens Amid Protests From Cardinals

It’s NEAR the Vatican. You’re not going to walk through St. Peter’s Square and see the golden arches next to the pope giving his Wednesday sermon.  On the other hand, if you turn around you might be able to catch the sign outside the square.

Here’s the approximate location of the McDonalds, on the corner of Borgo Pio and Via del Mascherino.



It’s not within the walls of the Vatican, but the building itself is owned by the Holy See. Thus, I can see why some cardinals and locals are objecting to the franchise. I guess the souvenir shops selling fake pope hats and keychains are fine though.

If you walk down the Spanish Steps and look to your left, you’ll also see a McDonald’s — one of the largest one in Europe. I did go in once and was curious about the gelato. Nothing spectacular.

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