The Top Five Travel Stories of 2016

Congrats everyone, you made it through 2016. Hopefully, you got to cross off some destinations and took a lot of photos that you used to make your social media followers jealous. Your reward is that you get to make 2017 the best 2017 in the history of mankind.

It’s an understatement saying 2016 was a crazy year in the global scheme. Something might happen between when I post this and Saturday night 23:59:59 EST. Let’s take a look at five stories that dominated the travel space.

Global Politics Affecting Travels, Good and Bad — There was Brexit, the U.S. election and the attempted coup in Turkey. Brexit caused global markets to freak out, but three days later all loses were regained. The long-term effects remain to be scene, but now, it’s great for U.S. travelers because the Euro is almost equal to the U.S. dollar ($1 = 1.05EUR) and the British Pound is the best I’ve ever seen at 1.22GBP.

That’s the good. The bad is if the new U.S. administration will crack down on people traveling from Muslim countries. It also remains to be seen if the changing U.S. policy will cause people to rethink their plans on visiting the America. I hope not, but what do we know.

Terrorism: Turkey had a bad year beyond the July coup attempt. More bombings in Istanbul make visiting not that appealing. As I’ve said before, nobody is going to blame if you alter your plans, but remember you’re more likely to die on the cab ride from the airport than a terrorist bombing.

Then with major attacks in populated public spaces in Berlin, Brussels and Nice, it gives you pause if you’re planning on visiting. Here in America, you have mass shootings in Orlando and Dallas that reflected badly on cities.

Idiot Passengers Making Headlines on a Daily Basis: You can pretty much find a story every day about a flight having to turn around or make an emergency landing because somebody drank to much, started a fight or freaked the fuck out. Just today, a bickering couple forced a Delta flight to turn around.

The two that made the most headlines involved Trump. There was the guy who was banned for life from Delta for yelling about Trump and screaming about Hillary bitches. The other were the two people who were kicked off a JetBlue flight for yelling at Trump’s daughter Ivanka. I’m baffled by people’s stupidity and it’s obvious that these people are mentally ill.

In any event, let’s hope your next flight is incident free or has Richard Marx to protect you.

Alaska Airlines and Virgin America Merging — The latest news is that the Justice Department has given the all-clear on the merging on the two budget airlines. As for changes, Alaska Airlines has said that it will be “business as usual … for fliers traveling on Alaska Airlines and Virgin America. You should interact with either airline as you normally would.” Code sharing will be the likely result with frequent flier miles used for either airline

Increased Number of Summer Travelers Means Longer TSA Lines — This will be a familiar refrain every summer. All the more reason to stick locally between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

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