Hopefully, Richard Marx Will Be on Your Next Flight

One minute you’re on a Korean Air flight to Seoul — enjoying a crappy movie like Suicide Squad or something — then the next thing you know, Richard Marx and Daisy Fuentes is taking down a deranged passenger. What did they put in the drinks?

That’s what exactly happened on a flight from Hanoi to Seoul, and it was capture on social media. A passenger went bonkers, attacking flight attendants and other passengers. I know, a person can only take so much of the middle seat.

Just to give younger people a little background, Richard Marx was a pop star from late 80s who sang such soft rock/adult contemporary hits like “Don’t Mean Nothin” and “Right Here Waiting.” Daisy Fuentes was an  MTV presenter in the 90s. It’s news to me that they’re married, and apparently still have a career where the can travel Asia.




Well, I’m glad they lived to tell the tale.

I once had James Blunt on a flight from Budapest to London, but his services were not needed. He was in the army so I felt safe that if anything happened, he could be ready for action.

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